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Action and Adventures

Action and Adventures

We are very close to people who daily surround themselves with the Norwegian nature and use their environment for their passions. This should inspire us to experience such things as well, at least during our holidays. Our common love "Norway" makes it easy to share those amazing experiences.

Marlene, the Norwegian champion in ultramarathon, who runs through the mountains of Western Norway at any time of the year; Hans-Arne fishing specialist for salmon and trout, who travels from the Lofoten to the loneliness of the mainland, because he needs solitude at the big rivers of the Nordland or Jarle a skier, who feels most comfortable in the deepest snow. Such people experience Norway intensively. This is, what we want.

Daring fishing trips with safe escort to remote hotspots. Ski tours through Norwegian plateaus in solitude even in summer. Hikes to Norwegian summit peaks with experienced and professional mountain guides.

Guided rafting in wild foaming watercourses or fjord gorges. Water skiing fast and slow on mirror-smooth fjord arms. Biking on winding coastal roads or on gravel roads in the mountains.

Norway can be experienced in an infinite number of ways: more action or less - each one according to his own vision and wishes.

If you would like to fulfill your Norwegian dream, you should contact us to make it possible. According to the purse and the claim of desire, we will do everything we can to book the right guide or fishing specialist.

Due to the positive price development of the euro in relation to the crown, such services become easily affordable for foreign guests.

We make it possible, so take the opportunity.