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Driving around Norway

Driving around Norway

Nowadays, Norway is a rich country that offers its citizens and tourists an excellent road, fast ferries and tunnel infrastructure taking into account that the whole country is criss-crossed by mountain ranges and fjords.

Many regions are still not showing in any map or trip planner.

Therefore, the navigation system can at times make you go a long way round or even lead you to the wrong place.

We wish you a relaxing trip to your vacation house; thus, we would like to give you some tips based on our expert knowledge. Usually experience is more reliable than any modern instrument.

For example, Norwegians do not calculate distances in kilometres but in driving travel times.

From Kristiansand in the south it will take 7,5 hours’ drive to Bergen, the northern capital. If you are driving from Kristiansand to Oslo, it can take you between 4 and five hours.

From Oslo in the south-east coast to Stavanger, Bergen or Ålesund in the west coast or to Trondheim in the north it will take you approximately 8 hours’ drive.

From Bergen to Ålesund it also takes 8 hours by car. Thus, it is not very recommendable to rent a house in Ålesund and travel with the ferry to Bergen – but to Oslo.

The way from Kristiansand to Sognefjord or Fjordane seems to be a “short way”, however it will actually take you 12 hours to get there and this is too much. Driving to the east from Lavik or from Oslo will take you just 8 hours.

Reaching the Northland will take you 1 day-trip and additional 8 hours to the Lofoten.

Always take into account that in Norway you will only make 60 km per hour.