Fishing in Norway

The water in Norway is cold enough that fish stocks, for example from the Barents Sea, feel very well even near the coastline. The air temperature is still sufficently pleasant, that people may stay in the wilderness without problems, which is caused due to the Gulf Stream. The fjords, island gardens and skerries gives natural protection against wind and waves. The whole Norwegian coastline consist of bays and straits, which supply lots of fish through streams and tides, but are situated calmly and safely, that fishermen can fully satisfy their passion in any kind of weather. The last ice age has left the fjords and the rocky landscape, with its ravines, ditches and edges, but of course not only above sea level. Underwater it looks exactly the same. So if you are in the right place anywhere in Norway, fishing will easily become successful - even catching one of the many large fishes, as these prefer stying at the above described points of the sea.

How do I catch a fish in Norway?

We want to clarify this question simply and factually. For the team of Borks Feriehus Norwegen GmbH it is not a matter of developing new fishing techniques or to explain the biology of an individual fish. We would like to give certain hints for success in fishing and nature experience for everyone. Our own experience will help you to live your own personal happiness on a fjord in Norway. Be it a simple mackerel with a simple hand line caught (you get in almost every supermarket) or a 180 cm long ling of 300 m depth with subtle techniques. There is no matter. This is the entry especially for the beginner.

In Norway you may fish successfully even from the shore. During the proper seasons you may reach the most promising points from bridges or ledges. That is always worth a try and very relaxing. Let us not forget the aspect of recovery. However, going by boat is usually a better solution.

In Norway, a boat belongs to everyday life and therefore every adult may steer a boat. Borks Feriehus Norwegen GmbH provides boats, which can be trusted. A boat should at least be motorized with 10 hp and the Norwegian safety regulations have to be complied. The size and condition of the boat will also depend on the environment it is chosen to be used in. Therefore you will need the tour operator you can trust in.

The Norwegian royal embassy tells about this topic: Boating license now mandatory in Norway

"Since May, 1st 2010, everybody born on January, 1st 1980 and later has to posess a boating license if he wants to handle a boat, which is longer than 8 meters (26.25 feet), or if the boat has an engine of more than 25 PS / 19 kW.

Tyske båtlisenser er tillatt i Norge. For å få båtlisens må man en ta, og bestå en båtprøve. Det er ikke pålagt å ta båtførerkurset, men Sjøfartsdirektoratet anbefaler likevel dette.

Aldersgrensen for å delta på kurs og for å ta båtprøven i Norge er 14 år, men båtlisensen blir kun utlevert til personer over 16 år. Hvis en er yngre enn 16 år, kan du håndtere båter som er kortere enn 8 fot, og med en maksimal hastighet på 10 knop (med en autorisert skipper om bord).

Sanksjoner gjøres fra 1. mai 2010 vis en ikke kan legge frem båtlisens.

Hvis du er født 1. januar 1980 eller senere og håndterer en båt som er lengre enn 8 fot eller med en motor med mer enn 25 hk, risikerer du å bli straffet hvis du ikke har din egen båtlisens."