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Fortunately going to Norway

Fortunately going to Norway

A growing number of people, which sink into depression continue to rise. We bow ourselves the pressure to succeed and the terrific speed in our society, occupation or private environment. Bournouts, fatigue or bad anxiety affect are parts of our life. This seems the price for the supposed luxury, which we have worked for our digital world with the help of computer, telephone, email, social networks etc. We know, that this modern world is not good and the wrong track for us, but we keep doing until the doom loop of strain and time "brings our soul to its knees". Our balance of one´s mind is in danger. One day we must begin to find or improve our balance of life again.

Psychologists or academics are in agreement about, that the high road of happiness, to the real feeling and a sound soul is engendered by the nature. In wellness-hotels or fitness center we can feel good and recover for a short time and empower for our new work, but your best bet would be, with a lasting effect the nature, the real, true nature.

This you will find in Norway as far as the eye can reach. In which country of Europe you will find more unspoiled countryside?

Because of the Gulf Stream, Norway is icefree that you have the possibility, over and above the polar circle, to find the way into the wildest and most nothern area of the world.

In Norway the nature is so intensive, dominant, strong and enormous, that we have no other chance, than to have an intensive showdown with it.

The panoramic view from a terrace over the vastness of a Fjord and/or a snowcapped mountains will bring you felt relaxation in the next moment.

To harvest a fish by your own in the streaming of a Fjordbay will bring healthy adrenaline and a new felt faith to yourselves.

A successful boat tour into the sunset in Southernnorway skerries or between towering mountains will bring at the lastest evening ease of mind and satisfaction.

A ski tour on lonely ways is an incredible emotion, to feel your own pulsation, experience yourselve and the only noise you hear is the loud puff of your breathing. The silence and the wilderness will bring us near the creation.

We notice, that problems from our rushed daily routine will loose its dominance and will be unimportant.

We from Borks Feriehus Norwegen GmbH have still more examples for good, healthy and authentic emotions, that you can have in the nature of Norway. Own experiences, from our guests and at least, our norwegian friends have brought new and old experiences.

We wish, that everybody will find the way to individual life balance and dodge the bad feelings of our time, to follow the trail into the nature, to collect these truly experiences.

For example in Norway - fortunately going to Norway.