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The first name that comes across to anyone’s mind that has been in the Hordaland region is the Hanseatic town of Bergen, the second biggest town in this country and the indisputable capital of fjord Norway.

Bergen has a lot to offer: the Fish Market and the old wooden houses from Bryggen; the 400 m high Floyfjell hill and the well known Ulrikken mountain are some of the places of interest that will vividly remind in your mind.

For all of you that are geared towards nature, the Hardangerfjord is a great attraction. This fjord is one of the most famous and beautiful in Hordaland. In addition, with its 179 km it is the longest fjord in this region and reaches the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda in the Eidsfjord municipality. Hardangervidda is Europe’s largest high-mountain plateau and has a total area of approx. 9000 km² where about 15000 reindeers have their habitat . Further, during the ice age era the valley became flooded with the glacial masses that melted and so created what we today know as the Hardangerfjord. The plateau has neither visible tracks nor a bridge and just a few direction signs so that unspoiled nature can still be found between 1150 and 1500 m above the sea level.Another attraction of the Hordaland are the waterfalls. The most famous are the Latefossen near Odda, Vøringsfossen in Eidsfjord, Steindalsfossen in Norheimsund and Tvindefossen near Voss. Driving along the E7 from Geilo to Bergen, on the municipality of Skiftesjøen there are huge sign posts indicating the habitat and migratory path for Europe’s largest population of wild reindeer (10000 – 12000 individuals).

The Hordaland region is by fishing-enthusiasts praised and called Eldorado for fjord and on shore fishing. Salmon is also abundant in these waters.

Good walking maps and the varied and dramatic scenery make hikes and tours – even for an inexperienced hiker- a singular and unforgettable experience. In winter, the best options are skiing, snowboarding and glacier hikes. All year long Hordaland offers a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities.

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