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The Rogaland region is characterized for its diversified fjord scenery and Norway ‘s southern gentle climate. South of Stavanger there are numerous and lonesome sandy beaches, however, this is the point of inflection since here begins the astonishing “fjord kingdom” e.g. “The Pulpit” Rock known as the Prekestol, towers above the 600 m high and cliffy Lysefjord east of Stavanger in south west Norway.The views from the squared mountain shelf are just amazing! Also formidable is the difference between Stavanger and Old Stavanger. The modern part of the town is the center for Norway’s oil industry where there are many administrative buildings, shipyards, gambling houses, discotheques and pubs. However, the historic city has not lost either charm or atmosphere. You can still see very weel-kept houses from the 17th and 18th century. Do not miss the Oil Museum – it is worth a visit.

The Rogaland region is a paradise for fishermen – there are numerous rivers with a high salmon population and the Boknfjord which is the richest in fish.

For all of you that love nature, you have more than 300 difference bird species to discover.

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