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Norwegian pension fund with record profits in 2023

Norway stands for stability and reliability. The Norwegian State Fund is making a major contribution to this, and has now reported a record profit of 2,222 billion Norwegian crowns for 2023, which is the equivalent of around 197 billion euros. The income of the state-owned oil and gas companies flows into the pension fund, and the profits are used to finance expenses for future generations in the Norwegian welfare state. It currently has stakes in almost 9,000 foreign companies, primarily in technology and trade. The fund is subject to strict guidelines regarding ethics, human rights and environmental protection. The fund will ensure Norway's stability for decades to come. This stability combined with the impressive nature continues to make Norway one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world - for sure!

BORKS tip: How to find your dream cabin by the fjord

1) Click on the menu item "Holiday Homes" - "Search and Reservation"
2) Click on the desired date in the appointment calendar (starting on Saturday and ending on Saturday)
3) If necessary, limit to region, then click "Start search".
All holiday properties that are currently still available for the desired period are then displayed. Enjoy browsing!

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Holiday homes catalog

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Fishing Holidays in Norway

Fishing Holidays in Norway

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