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Nordland and Lofoten

The Nordland and Lofoten regions are situated in the polar circle , where the sun never sets during the summer and the Aurora Borealis – the mystical northern lights - dominates the winter nights. The people in this artic area is outgoing and friendly, very humorous and like having a laugh.

The midnight sun is a unique experience; people feel more active and less sleep is needed.

Nordland’s scenery is exiting and beautiful. The Lofoten stretch like a wall of mountains in the sea. Some of these even fall 1000 deep into the sea. In the inland there are densely wooded valleys and abundantly covered with vegetation riversides which build the ideal place for salmon fishing.

The whole year round, the coast offers enough possibilities for outdoor recreation, such us the numerous fishing villages along the coast that still preserve their traditions. Near Narvik, the orcas Orcas hunt in the fjord for herring.

The Lofoten is an archipelago located north of the Arctic Circle which an amazing natural spectacle all year round. The snow-white mountain peaks seem to rise majestically from the sea. The Lofoten are know for its fresh and dried cod. During the winter months, the cod populates the waters surrounding the islands and it is then when the fishing boats cover the whole water surface.

Both the Nordland and the Lofoten can be easily reached by plane in 2,5 hours.

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