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Four Seasons

Four Seasons

You have decided yourself to visit Norway? The country that reigns in the north of Europe? Norway, with its large fjords, abrupt mountains and massifs, wuthering waterfalls and stone-cold glaciers? The country where the elements, the weather and the nature influence the daily-life course all year round? "The main question for you would be when?"

Are you interested in culture? Would you like to visit "Bryggen" (gabled buildings) or the "Fisketorget" (fish market) in the Hanseatic town of Bergen or the oil town of Stavanger? Are you looking for adventure in the mountains such as the astonishing "The Pulpit"? Maybe you would like to go skiing during the summer? Or perhaps you would like to go for salmon? Or could it be that you just wish relaxation and quietness, enjoying the romantic fjord scenery from your terrace? In any case, we are sure we will find the best travel season for you.

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you real Norwegian experiences and opinions since in Norway you will always find the right place and time to practice your favourite activities and hobbies.

During the winter season - that is, January, February and March – the snow covers most of the regions. The ideal time for all our skiers and those of you who like to spend your winter holidays in the mountains. The days get longer, however, in many fjord areas the sun hardly rises over the snow-covered peaks. These months are also the season for the so called "Skrei" or winter-codfish and the wolfish.

The nature wakes up from the winter sleep during April. The birch trees near the fjord begin to unfurl their leaves. In a sunny day, it is not so cold in the mountains which makes skiing very enjoyable.In any case, Norway shows its best side during May and June. The mountain ranges are covered to a third with snow and the waters of the huge fjord arms just shine in a brilliant turquoise. The trees and other plants glow in the most beautiful colours. According to the stats, May is the month with less precipitation rate and the most sun hours per day during the whole year. You just will not realize how the twilight becomes night.

During July and August is time to swim! In a sudden, the lonesome fjords and the skerry areas are full of small and big boats; even kids in their life jackets enjoy their time in the banana boats and people practice any kind of watersports. All villages and towns celebrate during these months their summer festivals. Further, the almost always deserted beaches and bays start to be crowded and in the mountains you can find blueberries, cranberries and even the delicious cloudberries. This is also the best season for walking tours through the mountains – even to the peaks! Fishing for trout is also a good idea.

The months of September and October are the best time for our fishermen and everybody who wishes to spend some time sailing in the fjord waters. During autumn, the mackerel shoals “invade” the calm fjord waters so that it is hardly impossible to not get a good catch. Moreover, the late summer is also the best period to go salmon fishing since it is now when the fish swim back up the rivers to their spawning place. Loads of efforts have been done in Norway after a few years of scarcities.

The weather during October and November is stable and with the appropriate wear you can still go fishing. The fjords in the west and the skerry areas in the south are well sheltered from the usual autumn storms. Fish species such as the ling, coalfish and haddock live among the fjord and seashore waters all-year round.

Also, during October the lobster comes to the fjord surface and are sold at a good price at the local fishmongers. In the mountains, all plants and trees just glow in wonderful colours ranging from yellow, brown to red. The autumn and the rain have come.

The sun rises late and sets earlier, although in the northern regions it is dark during almost the whole day. Both humans and animals slow activity way down. However, now is the time to watch the orcas in the fjord, which means, the winter has come…. Really worth to see.

It does not matter which time of the year you choose to visit this extraordinary country: each season has something special that will make your holidays in Norway an unforgettable experience.