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Southern Norway – also called Norwegian Riviera conjures up in all true Norway experts images of sandy beaches, enjoyable moments in the water, beautiful small bays, amazing views to the skerries and numerous islands. This region has the highest hours of sunshine.

But also the hinterland has its charm and attractions, such as the wild and intact nature. The woods are full of berries, rivers with water clear like a diamond where you can fish and the waterfalls where you can go for salmon and trout. In the Otra river you can go canoeing and rafting.

The picturesque and typical Sørland villages with ist white houses and colourful gardes look like a pearl cord along the coast. Mandal, Lyngdal, Flekkefjord, Farsund.

These idyllic towns are full of life during the summer due to the numerous festivals that take place. Everywhere you will find cheerful people, for example, in the famous “Crab Festival in Mandal”

Other popular excursion places are the zoo, the Kardemomme By theme park, the silversmith in Setesdal and the navy museum in Mandal. Also worth a visit is the lighthouse Lindesnes, which is the southerly tip of Norway. The panoramic views are amazing all the year round.

Did you always want to see a living elk? South Norway is the right place. The twilight is the best part of the day to watch this shy animals.

In the skerry area you can go fishing during the whole year.

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