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Our Service

Our Service


Norway is well known for being the land of excellent fisherman and fishing enthusiasts. The west and south coasts are famous for its large fjords, the salmon-rich rivers and lonesome lakes.

All our guests and visitors are allowed to fish in the fjord and sea as much as they wish (no fee applies). If you decide to try your luck in the numerous lakes and rivers, you need a fishing map which we will arrange on your behalf before your departure.

Further, you will also find in each house a sea chart, however, if you wish to have a more detailed one, we can of course order it before your departure for about 40 € each incl. service.

Moreover, depending on the region, we can arrange additional boats for 3-4 persons for an extra fee of approx. 200 € per week.

Since we do know all our houses and cottages, we will be very pleased to advise you which one best suits your needs. All the houses that we recommend for being located in a good fishing area, have a filleting place and deep freeze facilities for your catch. Our house owners will be more than happy to give you tips and tricks whenever you wish, since they are more than experienced and know the area very well.

Almost all our houses are located near the seashore so that it should not be surprising to end up the day with a big fish in the hook!

Handicapped accessible houses

are also found amongst our offer. We will surely find a house that suits your needs during a personal consultation.

Itineraries and tours

can be arranged according to your wishes. If you have a concrete idea of the region you want to visit or if you wish to see as much of Norway as possible, we develop a personal tour including of course accomodation and ferry tickets.

Cancelantion fees and travel health insurance

can be effected through the ELVIA Insurances. You will receive the form once you confirm your trip.

Reservations and options

for a house can be granted for 2 or 3 days.

Final cleaning

A final cleaning is included in the price. A note can be found in the house description ("final cleaning included"). Houses without this note require a final cleaning made by the guest before departure. Please leave the vacation object in the same condition as you found it when you came.

Bed clothing

Can be arranged on request. The bed clothing cost around 11 € per unit.


You do not pay any advance deposit to BORKS. Instead, you agree to a proforma deposit in your personal travel portal, which will only be charged in the event of a claim. This means that if no damage occurs, you pay nothing. This is a simple and pragmatic solution for everyone. In individual cases, your local landlord may require an additional deposit for the boat and/or holiday property. If this is the case, you will usually find relevant information in the arrival and contact information that we provide to you in your personal travel portal shortly before the start of your trip.

All around service

is our motto. We are at your disposal any time through email or telephone. We are more than happy to answer all questions you might have.