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Polar Lights and Midnight Sun

Aurora Polaris

At nightfall, it dances green in the sky. Someone who has seen this incredible spectacle will never forget it. This natural spectacle should be seen by everyone once in lifetime and northern Norway is an ideal place to enjoy the Northern Lights.

From the end of September until the end of March, it is possible to marvel at this phenomenon from the 60th latitude at nightfall. The famous Northern Lights Belt runs across the Lofoten and follows the coastline further north. The best chances to marvel at the Aurora Borealis are in clear, dry and cold nights.

Midnight Sun - White Nights

The author Knut Hamsun wrote about 120 years ago: "It didn't start to be night, the sun barely dipped into the sea and then came up again, red, renewed, as if it had been downandand and had been drinking. How strange it could have been to me in the nights, no one would believe it."

The midnight sun does not go down above the Arctic Circle for several weeks. From May to July, the sun streaks only briefly the horizon, transforming the sky and fjord into a sea of red, yellow and orange tones, which no artist could better represent. Even further south of Norway, you can enjoy the long days and short nights and there are a variety of activities at the late hour.